*           Reviews are normally invited by the Editors. However, the Editors welcome suggestions for reviews considered suitable for the Journal. Be aware that the topics in the reviews must be numbered with Arabic numerals.


In order to help the Editors judge the suitability of a proposed review, authors should submit:

*      A synopsis including a brief outline of the Review content;

*      At least ten sample references;

*      A summary of the lead author's academic career;

*      A statement explaining the relevance of the topic to be reviewed and a list of the latest reviews published on the subject, if any;

*      An estimated date of submission. If the text is already prepared, an authorization for submission will be given after the above items have been considered by the Editors.

Acceptance of the synopsis does not guarantee publication of the final manuscript.

If the synopsis is accepted, the corresponding author will be invited to submit online the complete text of the review, together with a short CV and a photograph of each author, inserted in the end of manuscript.

It is quite common, in reviews, the reproduction of figures, schemes and photos already published in other works. Even if these materials have been published by the same authors, copyright permissions need to be given by the editorial office.


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